Accuranker Features

Effective, Professional & Spot-on!

  • Cost-Effective


    Accuranker is the a very cost-effective rank tracking solution. With four different plans they accomodate to different needs, budgets and preferences. Check out the pricing and their diffrent plans down below for more information.

  • Automatic Agency Monitoring

    Automatic Agency Monitoring

    With Accuranker you can automatically refresh the position of all your keywords at any given time. This is not possible with any other web-based rank tracker. It's never been easier to track your client's keywords on a large scale and refresh the position within minutes.

  • Cutting-Edge Features

    Cutting-Edge Features

    Accuranker integrates a lot of cutting-edge features, like public viewkeys, extensive CSV reports, exact local search volume for your keyword and algorithmically correct rank tracking!

    Furthermore you have the ability to integrate Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools within the rank tracker, thus giving you new and helpful insights into your keyword data!

  • Tracking your competitors!

    Tracking your competitors!

    In addition, you also have the ability to track competing sites within your niche, to see where your competition is ranking for your keywords. Subsequently you are staying ahead of the curve and your competitors with this incredible rank tracker!

  • Extensive Reporting!

    Extensive Reporting!

    Accuranker gives you several options to view your keyword data. You can download an extensive excel file, a PDF and you can even generate a public viewkey, so that external parties can view the results of your project. Their PDFs are easy to read and completely whitelabel.

  • Hands-Off!


    Adding a project to Accuranker is incredibly easy. You can even divide your domains into different groups and add individual clients to the interface. Simple, yet elegant.


They have the perfect package for you

Up to 20.000 keywords!

Beginner 30

For Start-Ups/Small Projects


  • 30 keywords
  • 1 user

Beginner 60

For Start-Ups/Small Projects


  • 60 keywords
  • 1 user

Beginner 150

For more advanced projects


  • 150 keywords
  • 1 user

Pro 300

For big projects.


  • 300 keywords
  • 2 users

Pro 600

The most popular!


  • 600 keywords
  • 3 users

Pro 1k

1000 Keywords!


  • 1,000 keywords
  • 3 users

Expert 1.5k

Our small expert package!


  • 1,500 keywords
  • 5 users

Expert 3k

For smaller enterprises!


  • 3,000 keywords
  • 5 users

Expert 10k

For mid-sized enterprises


  • 10,000 keywords
  • 10 users

Expert 20k

The master package!


  • 20,000 keywords
  • 20 users


Need a custom plan?


  • Custom keywords
  • Custom users